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About Us

We are 2 sisters who have shared many a thing over our 40 odd years on this journey together …  a room… laughs, childbirth, love, tears, heartbreak, joy, smiles, secrets, wines…. lots of wines…  and now a vision to discover & create gifts with intention, light and love xxx  Our names are Aileen and Helen..  Nice to meet you!

SOL is Sisters Of Light

Born in the beautiful Northland of New Zealand many a moon ago,  we used to share a room and whisper after lights out as sisters often do..  we even share similar names .. Aileen is a variant of Helen.. both mean light (thanks Mum & Dad – completely unintentional by them!)..  our Great Grandfather was even a light house keeper – such a special connection to have xxx  Welcome to the Lighthouse of SOL xxx

It All Began…

Aileen started Mystic Trinity 7 years ago and was ready to embrace a new chapter to reflect the evolving of herself and her business.. Helen was ready to join her & learn all about the amazing world of intention, crystals, jewellery creating, Reiki and explore her creative talents.. Helen has worked in the hospitality industry in her career meetings lots of different people from all walks of life..  making people smile is one of her many talents (along with shopping!) Aileen comes from a background of logistics and making shit happen with a love of Astrology, creating and encouraging people to connect to their inner magic and do more of what lights them up! After the loss of both of their incredible Dads in recent years which devasted their world,  they felt it was time to celebrate life and all the light in it and hoped to encourage others to do the same .. and so Sisters Of Light was born!

Sisters Of Light



The Older Sis

– Founder of Mystic Trinity – Mum of 3 beautiful children – Aries with Pisces Moon – Lover of Coffee, Astrology, Crystals & Books
Mystic Trinity

Mystic Trinity

In the beginning

The business that began it all – the leap of faith to create Intention jewellery, discover crystal treasures and explore astrology to help ignite Body, Mind & Spirit


The Little Sis

– Owner of The Shot Nelson – Mum of 3 gorgeous children – Pisces with Gemini Moon ~ Lover of Wine, Shopping & Walks on the beach

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